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The new Monster Energy collection from Alpinestars now available!

The new Monster Energy collection from Alpinestars now available!

Alpinestars has started a special partnership with Monster Energy for its 2020 collection. This collaboration has been established thanks to years of sponsorship between Eli Tomac of the Monster Energy Kawasaki racing team and Alpinestars.

With this unique Monster Energy collection, Alpinestars is able to bring something cool to the market. This way you can look the same as multiple AMA national champion Eli Tomac #3! The Monster Energy collection from Alpinestars consists of Techstar motocross gear, Racer Tech
motocross gear, Racer motocross gear, Racefend motocross gloves and Radar motocross gloves. Alpinestars has displayed the Monster Energy logo on the motocross gear with matching green / black / gray color combinations.


Check the entire Monster Energy Alpinestars range on our website:




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