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Mega 6D Sale at MX Deals!

Mega 6D Sale at MX Deals!

Mega 6D Sale at MX Deals!

At MX Deals you now receive big discounts on 6D motocross helmets. Many different ATR-1 adult and kids motocross helmets are very low discounted. This way you already have one of the safest MX helmets on the market from €335!

Do you want to protect your child or yourself for a sharp price? Then take your chance now!

Why is the 6D ATR-1 so safe?

Where other brands focus on protecting your skull through a hard outer shell, 6D focuses on protecting your brain. 6D achieved this through the innovative ODS® system. This system allows 2 different shells to move apart thanks to the use of dampers. Thanks to the hourglass figure, these dampers are very flexible and can therefore move in 6 ways. Up and down, forward and backward, left and right, rolling, tilting and turning. In this way the rotational energy is absorbed and slowed down in the event of a crash.

Thanks to the use of this innovative technology, 6D reduces rotatioal energies that normally penetrate to the brain. The result is a drastic reduction in brain trauma!

Buy 6D ATR-1 Sale

See the full ATR-1 6D Sale here: or click on one of the images.

Do you have any questions about 6D Motocross Helmets ATR-1? Do not hesitate and send us a message in the chat or contact us. Of course it is also possible to contact us by telephone to get a detailed explanation via the following telephone number: +31 (0) 85 401 29 15. With our personal service we are happy to help you further and / or we are looking for a solution for you!

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